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AIAG VIDEO INTERVIEW: Honda’s Thomas Crawford Encourages Suppliers to Weigh in on New OEM Intellectual Property Security Requirements

Posted by Carla Kalogeridis on Aug 21, 2017 3:48:00 PM

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Thomas Crawford, regional data chief for Honda North America, is encouraging automotive industry suppliers and service providers to look at a list of intellectual property security requirements that OEMs have been working on and provide feedback on what should be focused and strengthened.

His remarks came during an exclusive on-camera interview at the annual AIAG Supply Chain Summit held June 20, 2017, in Livonia, Michigan. Crawford was part of a panel discussion that day on “Third Party Information Security (Cyber Security),” which also included David Chang, IT director, General Motors Company; Michele A. Brown, senior manager, General Motors Company; and Matthew Schie, privacy office lead, FCA US LLC.

“The OEMs that are part of AIAG have been meeting for several months now to create a requirement or standard that will help the automobile industry think about how to judge and secure our intellectual property,” Crawford says. “That’s pretty exciting.” The meetings are significant, he says, because “most OEMs know they need to secure their data, but we have never really talked about what that means and how we do it.”

Crawford says that information or cyber security is something the automotive industry “needs to be more cognizant of,” adding that “the threats that exist today are going through the roof.”

“Most of us aren’t even aware that we are being hacked or interrogated from the outside for information or data to get a competitive advantage or even to hold someone ransom,” he notes.

Carla Kalogeridis is AIAG’s e-news editor.

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