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Auto Industry Certifications That Matter in 2016

Posted by AIAG on Jan 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM


AIAG is a leader in Industry Certifications for the Automotive Industry.

By offering educational programs, AIAG provides people the training they need to earn certifications that will help them and their businesses excel. The main goals of the program are to help businesses gain critical knowledge to address common auto industry issues eliminating waste and reducing cost. AIAG offers students two high quality certification programs:

  1. Auditor Certification: Receive an internal or lead auditor certification with specialized classes that provide you with necessary skills to improve your quality management system.
    • ISO/TS 16949 Body Auditor Certification
    • ISO/TS 16949 Supplier Auditor Certification
    • ISO/TS 16949 Supplier Auditor Recertification
  2. Core Tools Certification: Here are the exams you can take through AIAG to gain your core tools certification:

Learn more about what AIAG and its educational programs can offer you and your business by downloading the FREE 2016 Product Catalog now.

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