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2018 Finished Vehicle Logistics Workgroups Updates

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Wondering what’s happening in Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) this year? Check out some updates on two FVL committees that have hit the ground running in 2018.  

Rail/Haul Visibility

The new visibility workgroup will work to improve visibility between the OEMs, Rail and Haul-Away entities throughout the Supply Chain from origin at the OEM yard through the rail destination yard, and to the dealer. The group will document current state, identify shortfalls, and create solutions that will improve visibility. Creative and emerging technologies are critical to the success of this initiative.

FVL Glossary of Terms

AIAG is working to create a Global Glossary of Finished Vehicle Logistics Terminology, augmenting the ECG Glossary of Terms. This global reference manual will be available as a key resource and educational tool to the finished vehicle logistics industry – in part to facilitate effective knowledge transfer within the FVL segment. It will provide definitions of commonly used FVL acronyms, terms used in rail, truck, and maritime transport, and definitions of terms of sale.

The Glossary will contain an acronym listing which will help the user quickly identify a term and find its definition in the document.  It will be continuously updated, based on AIAG member group input. Should you wish to have a term added, or feel some definitions are not precise enough, contact us with your suggestions and we will update the glossary accordingly. 

For additional information, email Trish Zarik, tzarik@aiag.org