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2019 Responsible Materials Industry Briefing

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Register now for the Responsible Materials Industry Briefing: Expanding Beyond Boundaries of 3TG, Dodd-Frank and DRC.

Recent European and Chinese regulatory influence on the automotive industry's reporting of tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold (3TG) and other minerals (cobalt, mica, lithium, and more) may necessitate additional support in the future to assess all global regions of conflict.

To proactively address these issues within the supply chain, the AIAG Responsible Materials Work Group (formerly known as the Conflict Minerals Work Group) has recently expanded its scope to focus on the responsible sourcing of materials beyond conflict minerals.  While not legislated, responsible sourcing of raw materials has gained the attention of media, external stakeholders, and automotive companies themselves.


  • Reporting Template Updates for Conflict Minerals and Cobalt
  • Legislative Updates for EU and others
  • Department of State Update
  • Trade Sanctions
  • Smelter Updates
  • Best Practices, and more!

To see the full agenda, visit: https://admin.aiag.org/docs/uploads/events/presentations/S19CONMNRL/S19CONMNRL.pdf


June 11, 2019

Registration Opens:

7:30 AM EST

Program Begins:

8:00 AM EST

Program Ends:

12:00 PM EST


4400 Town Center
Southfield, MI 48075

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