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Advisory Groups Need Subject Matter Experts

AIAG’s corporate responsibility work groups are seeking your input to help shape their direction for 2015.

As a member, you have much to contribute, and volunteering on an AIAG committee, advisory group, or work group gives your company a seat at the table and an influential voice in the discussion. It’s through the support of thousands of members and industry volunteers working together in a cooperative environment that AIAG is able to create the guidelines and tools that result in streamlined processes and solutions to our industry’s pain points and challenges.

AIAG’s numerous advisory and working groups of members and subject matter experts:

  • Promote responsible business practices throughout the automotive industry, including the complex supply chain
  • Serve as a resource for domestic and international CR issues and expectations
  • Develop innovative solutions and tools that enhance corporate responsibility stewardship, education, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Conduct awareness summits and conferences, as well as technical training and workshops

Sub-Tier Suppliers Needed

Additional input is needed from sub-tier suppliers to ensure an adequate cross-section of industry participation in the working groups and advisory committees. This broad representation ensures success in developing common approaches, supportive tools, and training. AIAG’s CR initiatives include: 

  • Developing a responsible supply chain for conflict minerals
  • Managing chemicals in products and production
  • Supply Chain Sustainability education & assessment
  • Driving greenhouse gas reduction
  • Environmental sustainability

The Benefits of Involvement

Companies as well as individuals benefit from engaging on CR initiatives within AIAG:

  • Stay abreast of existing and emerging regulations.
  • Collaborate with other effected industries to develop solutions.
  • Increase the efficiency, and reduce the cost, of regulatory compliance.
  • Get clear direction and expectations for your company and its supply chain.
  • Learn best practices — and acquire management, monitoring, and reporting tools — to improve supply chain compliance on a range of issues.
  • Maintain your company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen by joining leading companies that are taking a proactive approach to CR issues.

How to Participate

Why not contact us today? For many members, the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s brightest minds is their most valued benefit of membership. For more information on AIAG’s initiatives,click here or email CR@AIAG.org.



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