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AIAG Developing New Core Tools Forms Software Solution

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As the result of a Voice of the Customer Survey focusing on Tier 2 and lower companies, AIAG learned of a strong international interest in replacing the previous Core Tools “spreadsheets on a CD” product with a cloud-based application. Often called the building blocks of automotive quality, suppliers voiced a critical need for support in successfully executing the Core Tools during their new product and process development projects. To address this need, AIAG is developing a new Core Tools Forms software solution.

The survey showed that Tier 2 suppliers need a robust but flexible solution, a tool that provides the required forms but also allows for customization to support their unique needs. Therefore, the intended customer base for this Core Tools Forms app is Tier 2 and smaller organizations that do not need, and/or cannot afford, the larger PLM or QMS applications.

To maintain this focus, the project team is composed of Tier 2 suppliers that used the former product and can directly communicate their needs to the developers. The goal is to provide a cloud-based app at a great value for the Tier 2 suppliers. Pricing is planned using a low-dollar, per-user, per-month pricing model. 

New features and functionality include:

  • Robust security. As a cloud-based application, a robust security assures that no one can access the company’s information without permission.
  • Form linkage. Linkage between the DFMEA, Process Flow, PFMEA, and Control Plan is provided through a relational database that makes sure everything is tied together.
  • Project management / task tracker. To support managing the product and/or process development projects, the app will include checklists, with flexibility to customize the task lists. 
  • Reporting. Reporting is included to make it easier for companies to manage the process.
  • International, multi-lingual. Recognizing the global automotive supply chain, several languages will be supported in the application.

The product will be released using the current FMEA 4th Edition forms. The product will be updated to support the new AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook as soon as it is released. 

For more information on the Core Tools Software Project, contact John M. Cachat at jcachat@aiag.org.