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The AIAG FVL Group is forming a number of new committees and launching new initiatives in 2017.  For more information on these activities, visit www.aiag.org or email Trish Zarik.

North American FVL Reference Manual Committee
This committee will gather volume and routing data related to the North American FVL supply chain. The data will populate a North America FVL Reference Manual maintained by the FVL Committee and accessible through the AIAG website. Data will include:

  • FVL Routes by Country and Mode of Transport
  • FVL Plant Locations/Models/Production
  • FVL Port Locations
  • North America FVL Carriers and Routes

Connected Vehicle Committee
The pace of innovation is accelerating in the automotive industry. Connected vehicle technology is standard in many new cars. HIS Automotive forecasts 152 million actively connected cars on global roads by 2020. The combination of new car features and aftermarket devices could mean nearly 2 billion connected cars on the world’s roadways by 2025. Conservative estimates from IHS Automotive state the average car will produce up to 30 terabytes of data each day. (Source: SAS White Paper 09/2016)

Valuable information is contained in the data, and now is the time for the FVL industry to plan and create standards that will benefit OEMs and their suppliers. This committee will develop FVL standards for the connected vehicle, including but not limited to answering the following questions:

  • How will the OEM utilize the connected vehicle within the logistics industry?
  • How will data get generated out of the connected vehicle to support the supply chain?
  • What OEM standards should we be planning for to be effective?

Committee members will include OEMs and representatives from engineering, logistics, rail and ocean carriers, and trucks.

FVL Glossary of Terms
The AIAG FVL Committee will create a Glossary of Terms in conjunction with the European FVL Group. This glossary will define the most common terms used in the finished vehicle logistics industry. The glossary will also contain commonly used acronyms with each definition. Finally, it will provide detail on the terms with a link to the source it was taken from or where more information can be found.

The Glossary will be constantly updated, improved, and maintained on the AIAG website as an ideal source for young and seasoned FVL professionals.

Visibility of FVL Supply Chain
The goal of this effort is to begin standardizing visibility of the FVL supply chain as described in the 2011 Common Visibility Event Definitions White Paper (M21). This group will:

  1. Improve the range, quality, and standards of information available to manufacturers, dealers, railroads, trucking companies, ocean carriers, ports, inspection companies, and third-party logistics firms so that they can better coordinate their transportation activities.
  2. Create a shared nomenclature, definition, and format for the key events and measures used in the finished vehicle supply chain process.
  3. Encourage development of mechanisms and the usage of standardized messages that provide unbiased visibility and transparency to all supply chain partners.
  4. Drive value throughout the supply chain through the promotion of:
  • Common understanding of industry operations
  • Visibility of volume and capacity in the North American supply chain
  • Operational efficiency for manufacturers and their transportation providers

Phase One of the project will be to form a committee along with ALEC to establish standards on how information will be shared/visible at destination ramps. The team will identify the flow of information and develop a standard format for sharing information with all relevant suppliers/carriers. It is recommended that the committee is comprised of representatives from:

·      ACC:

Auto Carrier Conference of the American Trucking Association

·      AHAA:

Auto Haulers Association of America

·      AIAG:

Automotive Industry Action Group

·      ALEC:

Automotive Logistics Executive Committee

·      GAC:

Global Automakers of Canada

·      OEMs:

Original Equipment Manufacturers

ePOD Mexico
This is the last phase of the ePOD initiative. Once the current version is complete (Marine Terminal Handling), the group will initiate and complete ePOD standards for vehicles manufactured in Mexico.