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AIAG Recognized for Extraordinary Contributions by Industry Association AAMA


At a recent appreciation dinner held by the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Alliance (AAMA), AIAG received formal recognition for its partnership and leadership, further solidifying an already strong relationship between the two associations.  

As AAMA’s president, Ron Davis, explains: “Every year we have an annual appreciation dinner where we recognize AAMA members for their extraordinary contributions. This year we were pleased to recognize AIAG – specifically for their leadership at the Southern Automotive Quality Summit.”

The summit, co-hosted by both associations and held in Birmingham, Alabama, draws a diverse crowd from the Midwest as well as numerous southern states. Featuring industry experts and local suppliers sharing best practices, the event provides technical professionals and leaders with insights to improve their organizations’ quality processes, systems and performance.

Both AIAG and AAMA spend countless hours preparing for this annual event, next scheduled for March 5, 2019. From identifying speakers and building an agenda, to planning networking opportunities and coordinating with exhibitors, the event’s success hinges on the many qualified parties who work diligently and collaboratively to make it happen.

In addition to the summit, AIAG and AAMA enjoy a positive and productive business relationship that continues to grow each year. “I look at AIAG as a partner in many areas,” Davis concludes. “AIAG does a tremendous amount of work to prepare for the annual summit, and I see a very positive future for our relationship as both associations continue to grow and evolve.”

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