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AIAG Releases Free, Comprehensive ‘Water Management in Automotive Supply Chain’ Webcast to Help Suppliers Prepare for Recommended Reporting to the CDP


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has released a new webcast to increase automotive supplier awareness of water management issues and help them prepare for reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) water program, which is due by July 28,  2016. A live event recorded in May 2016, the “Water Management in Automotive Supply Chain” webcast is available on AIAG’s website at www.aiag.org/store/training/webcasts and is free to members and the industry at large.

Securing water resources is one of the most crucial challenges facing societies and industries today. CDP — an organization that receives funding from a range of foundations and governments and holds the largest collection of globally self-reported climate change, water, and forest-risk data — releases a Global Water Report, which is based on corporate responses to its annual water questionnaire. The report provides critical information on how companies identify, manage, and mitigate risks related to water and is recognized as a global gauge of an organization’s water stewardship.

The AIAG webcast covers numerous topics relevant to companies preparing for CDP water reporting, including:

  • Why Water Management is Important to the Auto Industry
  • Key Water Risks in Automotive Business
  • Water Management Integration into Your Business Plan
  • Reporting Water Management to Your Customer
  • Responsible Water Management Program
  • Water Benchmarking OEMs and Best Practices
  • Water Reuse Specification — Extreme Water Stress

“A group of automotive OEMs sponsored this webcast event for suppliers to help them get ready for CDP water reporting through risk assessment,” says Lecedra Welch, AIAG’s program manager, environmental sustainability, and one of the webcast’s presenters. “With suppliers encouraged to report to CDP’s water program by July 28, 2016, this webcast is a timely and critical resource for the industry.”

In addition to Welch, the 195-minute webcast features presentations from General Motors’ Alfred Hildreth and Todd Williams, Ford Motor Company’s Sherry Mueller, Global Environment & Technology Foundation’s Maurie Carr, CDP’s Dexter Galvin, Tetra Tech’s Norton Fogel, and Laura Kelly of ARCADIS.

AIAG encourages automotive suppliers to take advantage of this free water management webcast  and welcomes any questions via AIAG Customer Service at cr@aiag.org.