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AIAG Releases Highly Anticipated Future of Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility in a Transitioning Industry Report

Just over a year ago, AIAG launched a survey to solicit feedback from industry professionals on current and emerging trends in corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR/S); today, AIAG announced the release of the end result of that research process: the “Corporate Responsibility in a Transitioning Industry: An Automotive Supply Chain Perspective” report.Following introductory notes, the report features sections dedicated to trends impacting corporate responsibility in the supply chain, including: rising risk and complexity in the supply chain, mounting demand for CR/S data, rising concern about CR/S issues, more knowledgeable and demanding customers and the growing importance of CR/S to a changing workforce. The report then shifts gears to explore takeaways and calls to action before providing concluding content.   

Tanya Bolden, director of corporate responsibility products and services at AIAG explains: “Each portion of the report focuses on a different aspect of the future of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Charts, quotes and graphics illustrate significant trends and key points, while the text itself provides more in-depth analysis and greater context surrounding our data.”

This data, referenced in abundant detail throughout the report, comes from a variety of sources, including AIAG members, thought leaders and other automotive industry stakeholders. The majority of feedback, however, was gathered during an extensive industry survey, which ended early this year. 

Bolden notes: “Of the 900 automotive CR/S professionals we heard from during our survey period, the majority were middle managers, which is notable largely because research into these issues tends to reflect C-suite perspectives more exclusively. In our case, however, we share a diversity of views – including the voices of individuals working hands-on in the CR/S space every day.”

Once survey feedback was received, a team of AIAG corporate responsibility staff, Wayne State University faculty and BSR professionals worked diligently to analyze results, identify trends, draw conclusions and create a comprehensive report. The team also formulated a set of “rapid assessments” with 10 questions each, for users to gauge their companies’ success in championing CR/S at executive levels, integrating CR/S within company culture, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders and communicating CR/S information within and outside the company.

In addition to allowing users to assess their companies’ success in various aspects of CR/S, the rapid assessments also help users identify areas for improvement within their organizations. Bolden concludes: “After reviewing the report and completing the assessments, we hope our readers will take the next step in educating their colleagues and leadership on these emerging trends. We also want to encourage those individuals to bring their questions, challenges and successes to AIAG so we can plan and prepare for the future together.”

Click here for more information, to view the report, and to access the related "rapid assessments."