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AIAG’s Tanya Bolden Presents at 2015 Southern Automotive Conference


The southeast United States, already known for its world-class automotive production and sound business environment, continues to boast the fastest growing automotive industry in North America as global sales increase and OEMs and major suppliers continue to invest.

To help manufacturers rise to the occasion, the 2015 Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) on October 18-20, 2015, focused on how to continue to improve operational excellence, build the workforce, increase product, and innovate.

Senior executives from OEMs from across the Southeast showcased their plants’ latest developments. Key elected officials from southern states discussed their efforts to increase the region’s competitive advantage. OEMs and suppliers talked about supplier best practices to ensure that, as an industry, the southeast would continue to meet the growing challenges of the global market.

Tanya Bolden, AIAG’s corporate responsibility manager, program development, joined panelists from J.D. Power, Omron, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and KPMG as they presented real-world examples of collaborations that might have seemed counter-intuitive at first, but yielded novel solutions to industry challenges.

The Southern Automotive Conference is presented jointly each year by the automotive manufacturing associations of Alabama (AAMA), Tennessee (TAMA) and Mississippi (MAMA). The automotive manufacturing associations of Georgia (GAMA) and South Carolina (SCAC) assisted with the development of the 2015 agenda.

Watch for more information elsewhere in this newsletter about AIAG’s continued collaboration with automotive manufacturing associations in the Southeast region