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AIAG VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dykema’s Charfoos: ‘Auto Companies Must Make Data Security Part of their Routine’

Attorney Aaron Charfoos says privacy and data protection regulations are here to stay, and automotive data flows are likely to be even more regulated over time. In an exclusive video interview at AIAG’s Supply Chain Summit in June 2016, Charfoos advises automotive companies to make data protection part of their business, a part that “lifts the business up, protects the brand, and makes it more valuable.”

AIAG’s Supply Chain Summit provides an annual overview of the most industry trends as well as updates on current AIAG supply chain projects and initiatives.

Charfoos, an accomplished privacy, data protection and patent trial lawyer, is also a certified information privacy professional for the U.S. Sector. He counsels clients in all aspects of privacy and data protection and is particularly focused on the new privacy landscape in Europe. During the interview, Charfoos says there is “a lot of regulatory uncertainty in Europe, and the U.S. is ratcheting up its security efforts.” AIAG members, he says, “need to make data security part of their company routine for all new products and services.”

“The first step for AIAG members is to undergo a privacy impact assessment,” he says. “You have to understand where your data is, what you’re doing with it, and what laws it is subject to. Then you can start designing systems that protect the integrity of the data and enhance the company with privacy by design. It becomes a selling point.”

View highlights from the video interview with AIAG’s e-News editor Carla Kalogeridis and find out why Charfoos says that privacy impact assessments are something that “no one part of the organization can do by itself.”

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