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AIAG VIDEO INTERVIEW Dykema’s Tupper: ‘It’s Time to Get to Know Your Data’


At the recent AIAG Supply Chain Summit, privacy and e-commerce attorney Stephen Tupper cautioned an audience of supply chain professionals that auto companies need to make sure they understand the globalization of data storage and use of information laws and rules about data transfer and privacy that differ from country to country. In short, he said: “I strongly advise you to get to know your data.” The Supply Chain Summit, held June 14, 2016, in Livonia, Michigan, provides an annual overview of industry trends as well as updates on current AIAG supply chain projects and initiatives.

“It’s easy to transfer data from place to place, but countries have different data requirements related to use and privacy, and there’s a friction now when American companies aren’t aware of these laws,” Tupper says. “Companies have to get accustomed to doing business in a global setting and taking into account a bunch of different legal systems.”

Tupper says companies should start by doing a primary impact assessment on their data. “You need to know where your data came from and if your use of the data is permitted,” he advises. “And you have to be aware that you are subject to global laws regarding data that are very different from our laws.”

An example, he says, is how many countries require companies to get rid of data when they no longer need it. “We never get rid of data in the U.S. because storage is so cheap here,” Tupper explains. “But other countries have laws in place that require the deletion of data after it’s not being used.”

Take a look at what Stephen Tupper has to say about how auto companies should prepare for doing global business within different legal systems in this exclusive video interview with AIAG’s e-News editor, Carla Kalogeridis.