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AIAG VIDEO INTERVIEW:  Working Together to Improve Cybersecurity

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The importance of thorough cybersecurity procedures and practices grows every day as the risk from cyber attacks grows. Bill Hurles, former executive director of supply chain for General Motors, said he hoped that attendees in the discussion of cybersecurity he moderated would come away with a strong drive to help protect their organizations and the industry as a whole. “I hope they take this awareness around cybersecurity and personalize it. They should take actions to protect the information they receive and that they send to others,” he said. “Doing so can reduce the vulnerabilities that they and their company are exposed to. They can continue to educate themselves and help their peers understand that this is a real threat and that we need to work together to protect ourselves.”

During an exclusive on-camera interview  at the annual AIAG Supply Chain Summit held June 20, 2017, in Livonia, Michigan, Hurles shared his hope that those in the automotive industry would continue to grow their awareness of the risks and improve their methods for addressing them.

“Risk management is a challenge we face. Organizations are taking a much more serious look at their strategies, both proactive and reactive. There has been an emergence of new tools, but there is a lot more that needs to be done,” Hurles said.

While Hurles advocated reducing and addressing all risk, his focus during the conference was cybersecurity.

“The impact it’s having on our businesses and also our personal lives is very real,” he said. “It’s extremely important for all people working in the auto industry — whatever your role — to support this important initiative through both identification of potential risks and communication to your leadership of your organization where you see the potential risk. The risk is everywhere and growing every day.” 



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