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The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) encourages members and the industry at-large to visit its newly redesigned website at www.aiag.org, featuring easier and more intuitive navigation, and a clean modern look.

“Our new website design incorporates the latest best practices to make it easier for users to find the information they want and expect, faster,” says Greg Creason, AIAG marketing manager. “By organizing content in a more intuitive manner, our visitors can really dial in on what they’re looking for, getting information to them in the quickest, most efficient way possible.”

Another big advantage of the website is a new document viewer that allows users to more easily manage AIAG e-document product offerings.

“Members and other users are now able to manipulate their e-documents a lot more than they could with the basic browser view that was in place before,” says Russ Ortisi, AIAG’s vice president of information technology. “All of their documents — such as single-user licenses, corporate subscriptions, and Core Tools documents — are all in one place and accessible from any device including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.”

In addition, the new technology allows users to:

  • Save documents as “favorites”
  • Search the entire e-document
  • Rotate the document page orientation (portrait/ landscape)
  • Use full-screen options and zoom capabilities
  • View in thumbnail or outline formats
  • Page through documents without scrolling
  • Sort documents in various ways
  • Display numerous documents at the same time

“The old viewer did not allow much document manipulation such as searching, rotating, or thumbnails. It was a simple browser view only,” Ortisi explains. “The only restriction is that the documents are for online viewing only. Printing and saving local copies are not allowed at this time.”

The website is organized along AIAG’s main areas of expertise:Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility. All of the information, guidelines, training, events, etc. pertaining to each area is located in the expertise area’s hub on the website and is easily accessible from the home page.

“The enhancements made to the website will improve our customers’ access to the information they’re looking for, allowing them to get the industry-developed best practices they need much faster than ever before, ” Ortisi says.