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AIAG’s corporate responsibility (CR) team has outlined its strategy to build on 4th quarter successes and continue the momentum through 2018. In Q1 2018, AIAG and its dedicated CR volunteers will work on the Online Regulations Portal, the Automotive Contractor Health & Safety Performance Document, and a Conflict Minerals Webinar series, as well as make updates to the Knowledge Assessment and eLearning content.

In 2018, look for new and improved training offerings to cascade the industry’s enhanced Global Guiding Principles and New Practical Guidance Document launched December 2017. This extraordinary alignment between automakers came out of a need to address issues relevant to the automotive industry today, and to speak with a unified voice on the importance of a sustainable, ethical supply chain. BMW Group, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Scania, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Cars, and Volvo Group, all participated in this revision of the 2014 document, and in creating the additional explanatory resource. Additionally, a supplementary reference document was created to provide further explanation and examples for the updated principles. The new documents are available at http://go.aiag.org/globalguidingprinciples.

AIAG’s CR team is also active so far this year meeting requests for corporate responsibility presentations. On January 17, 2018, the team presented a well-received IMDS Update at the Plastics Industry Association Meeting, and on January 24, 2018, the team gave a Health & Safety Overview at a Mississippi Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (MAMA) event.

CR Survey Update
Of particular interest is the Future of CR Survey, which identifies future trends anticipated in corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR/S). The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback to help the industry capitalize on opportunities and identify potential risks.

AIAG engaged opinion-leaders and stakeholders both inside and outside of the industry to gather differing perspectives on key issues. The feedback collected was then used to design a global survey addressing nine meta-issues:

  1. Transformational Change: the impact of technological advances and consumer mobility behaviors on automotive product design, functionality, and us
  2. Global Business Drivers Impacting the Supply Chain: external global forces impacting CR/S in the automotive industry
  3. Governance and Ethics: CR/S policies on environmental, social, and labor issues
  4. Reporting and Data Management: the collection, interpretation, use, and sharing of data, both internally and externally
  5. CR/S in the Supply Chain: supplier engagement/relationships and the challenges of managing risk, assuring compliance, and creating social value
  6. Internal Management of CR/S: corporate practices, management processes, organizational culture, and collaborations that create social and shareholder value
  7. CR/S and the Future Workforce/Workplace: strategies driving the characteristics, skills, and organizational environment that will affect the recruitment, development, and retention of talent
  8. Product Stewardship: environmental sustainability in product design/development and evolution throughout the lifecycle
  9. Consumer Influence/Knowledge: consumer influence in responsible/sustainable product development and industry efforts to promote consumer knowledge/understanding

AIAG will make a contribution to UNICEF for each completed survey. The survey results will be shared at the upcoming CR Summit in April.

AIAG’s 2018 CR-Sponsored Events

AIAG is pleased to announce the line-up for CR-focused events for 2018.

April 18-19: 2018 CR Summit. “Supply Chain Sustainability: Charting Your Course for Success!” This popular annual conference explores the role the automotive industry plays in the areas of social and environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain. Conference attendees range from experienced general corporate responsibility/ sustainability practitioners to manufacturing-specific subject matter experts — all of whom find value in exploring trends facing our industry and global business, as well as networking. Breakout sessions are organized in three tracks:

  1. Fundamental Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability Program Elements
  2. Strategies to advance your Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability Program
  3. Strategies for Pursuing Compliance

June 12: 2018 Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing. The 7th Annual Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing will offer the necessary information for new professionals and advance the knowledge level of those experienced in conflict minerals reporting. New professionals, as well as those seeking a refresher of basic content, will find value in the event’s morning agenda. More experienced conflict minerals reporters will benefit in the afternoon agenda. Conflict Minerals Reporting remains a topic of discussion for those addressing corporate compliance, both nationally and internationally. The status of U.S. legislation, European Union requirements, and other global updates will be shared. 

September 26-27: 2018 IMDS Product Chemical Compliance ConferencePlanning has already begun for the 2018 IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference. This popular event will cover global legislative issues and International Material Data System (IMDS) topics. The 2017 IMDS Conference focused on the evolution of the IMDS and the specific reasons we use this global reporting tool. Important information on new topics, including GLAPS, full material disclosure and cross-industry reporting, OEM dismantling challenges, the importance of data quality, how small companies manage IMDS, and updates to Chemistry Manager rounded out a packed two-day agenda. The 2018 conference will offer additional on-site training opportunities and will continue to bring significant time for panel discussions, Q&A, networking, touring exhibits, and the popular reception.

New IMDS Trainings

In 2018, AIAG encourages its members to stay abreast of growing and changing governmental regulations on the management of chemicals used in the production process. To assist, AIAG now offers three new IMDS training courses:

  • IMDS Basic Concepts and Application gets students working in IMDS as quickly and efficiently as possible using presentations and hands-on exercises, plus real-world examples to help clarify the particular challenges faced in obtaining data from suppliers and providing data to customers. This training focuses on more than just how to run the IMDS interface and enter data. It includes the skills and processes needed to obtain and submit accurate quality data.  gets students working in IMDS as quickly and efficiently as possible using presentations and hands-on exercises, plus real-world examples to help clarify the particular challenges faced in obtaining data from suppliers and providing data to customers. This training focuses on more than just how to run the IMDS interface and enter data. It includes the skills and processes needed to obtain and submit accurate quality data.
  • Advanced IMDS provides an extension of the IMDS Basic Concepts and Application course to help students understand the regulations and anticipate the impact on their business. The growing concern regarding substances used in products, recycling, or disposal has created significant legislation and global actions in the last years, and providing excellent quality material declaration data to a customer requires a thorough understanding of these regulations. Professionals must be prepared for the impact of these requirements on the future of their business.
  • IMDS V11.0 Update and Chemistry Manager brings IMDS users up to speed on the changes made in Version 11 of IMDS with a major focus on the new Chemistry Manager functions.

“AIAG’s CR team is energized and ready to deliver the information, training, and tools that automotive CR professionals need to serve their companies and customers in the corporate responsibility and sustainability space,” says Tanya Bolden, director, corporate responsibility products and services for AIAG. “We are trying to be very strategic and focused, but find ways to build off successes and reach new audiences, especially sub-tier suppliers.”

If you would like to get involved in AIAG’s CR committees and project teams, please explore the volunteer opportunities at www.aiag.org.