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AIAG Website Enhancements Provide New Tools and Capabilities


Many AIAG members, volunteers, and staff have enjoyed the improvements to the organization’s website over the past year, and visitors to the site continue to notice new enhancements. So in this interview, we checked back in with AIAG’s Vice President, Information Technology Russ Ortisi. A graduate of Oakland University (bachelor’s degree in accounting) and Wayne State University (MBA with a concentration in international business), Ortisi has worked in IT for the past 20 years, including stints at Chrysler, General Motors, AT&T Systems Leasing, Heller Financial, and General Electric.

As he shares his insights into the new project, he explains, “Volunteers are the lifeblood of AIAG’s business, and it is important to give them the tools and capabilities they need to collaborate and manage the various projects and initiatives they are working on. We believe the many additional improvements have further enhanced our online systems and capabilities.”

AIAG: Major enhancements were just completed in May 2015. What prompted this new project?

Ortisi: The new project was an effort to streamline not only content, but the ease with which those accessing our site can get to the content they are looking for. Last year’s project involved more backend changes (technical platform, etc.) than website (content/navigation) changes. Our hope is that, with these latest improvements, visitors to our website are able to get to the information they need in a more timely and efficient manner.

AIAG: What are some of the changes?

Ortisi: The main changes are to the look and feel, navigation, and implementation of the new AIAG Store. The homepage has been simplified and set up in such a way that visitors to the site only need to know what area of AIAG expertise they are interested in. From there, they will be able to find what they are looking for more quickly. Even if they are not sure, the search capability has been made much more robust in an effort to help locate content that will likely meet the visitor’s needs. In addition, navigation throughout the site has been simplified and a lot of the clutter has been removed. This should make it easier for our members and visitors to find their way through the site.

As for the new Store, this area is greatly improved, offering a more up-to-date look, feel, and navigation. We believe this will enhance and improve the shopping experience, enabling our customers to find and get access to what they are looking for quickly and simply. The pages within the store are cleaner and easier to read, providing all the pertinent information about our product offerings (publications, training, or events) right up front, following some of the best practices used by many website stores in use today.

AIAG: How can AIAG’s members and volunteers expect to benefit?

Ortisi: The benefit we anticipate our members, volunteers, and visitors can expect is the ability to leverage AIAG’s website as a resource which will help them locate information, do research, and get access to the tips and tools that they need in order to be more efficient in the ever-changing, complex, and dynamic business environment we are working in today. AIAG is here to offer the “Insight, Expertise, and Results” to help them to be the best automotive resource they can be for their company in particular and the industry at large.

Be sure to visit www.aiag.org often to take advantage of the new capabilities.