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GRI: Reporting Drives Corporate Change to Achieve SDGs

Oct 16, 2019

Can private sector participation in the SDGs unlock more sustainable business practices? An ambitious project has been launched to explore how the private sector can actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — and determine the role of reporting and partnerships is to support this process.

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GRI Sustainability Reporting – 20 Years On and More Relevant Than Ever

Jul 24, 2019

As Global Reporting Initiative marks two decades since launching its first draft sustainability reporting guidelines, the organization has highlighted the significance of a growing demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data.

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GRI: The World is Getting Less Circular – Can Reporting Help?

May 15, 2019

The world is going backwards when it comes to circularity – we’re addicted to the linear take-make-waste economic model. That’s the conclusion of the second annual Circularity Gap Report, released by Circle Economy in January during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

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GRI Promotes Investor-Business Dialogue on ESG Topics: New Discussion Paper Available

Feb 20, 2019

GRI’s new paper, A Closer Look at Water and GHG Emissions Disclosure, looks into three areas of sustainability reporting: investor expectations, investor perception and reporting practice. 

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Sustainability and Reporting 2025 Forum: A Futurist's View

Mar 23, 2016

Last month, as part of the ‘Sustainability and Reporting 2025’ Project, GRI convened business executives and thought leaders from various fields at a trends forum in Rome to explore what the next 10 years of sustainability and reporting might look like. One of the speakers, Amy Zalman, CEO at World Future Society, provides her take on the discussions.

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COP21 Paris Agreement: GRI Witnesses Historic Landmark

Feb 16, 2016

GRI was present in Paris to witness the intense negotiations leading up to what is now being hailed as the most historic agreement for the future of our planet. For the first time, every nation on Earth has committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, to keep warming well below 2-degrees Celsius, and to pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5-degrees Celsius.

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