Leland Butisbauch and Marianna Smirnova

Leland Butisbauch and Marianna Smirnova are program specialists with UL’s Responsible Sourcing group. For additional information about solutions to address the risk of human trafficking in supply chains, contact UL’s Responsible Sourcing group by clicking on the “Contact UL” button on the top right corner.

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What Companies Need to Know About the U.S. Business Supply Chain Transparency Act

Aug 18, 2015

In response to persistent business-related human rights concerns, there has been a clear and growing legislative trend in the United States towards greater supply chain transparency, traceability, and disclosure requirements. The Dodd Frank Act, Section 1502 on conflict minerals, and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657) on human trafficking, are among the most notable legislative initiatives in this area.

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