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Time to Revive AIAG's Truck & Heavy Equipment Group?


Commercial and off-highway (COH) vehicle companies are urged to attend an AIAG Town Hall to identify this industry segment's unique pain points and decide how an organized group of volunteers can address them. 

Rafael Dominguez remembers the days when AIAG’s Truck & Heavy Equipment Group was in full force, and he wonders if any of his fellow AIAG members are interested in reviving the group again. To that end, AIAG is holding a special Town Hall to determine what the currently unaddressed needs and issues are in this unique segment of the auto industry.

“I’ve been thinking about the great work and neat things we did in quality, warranty, and reliability guidelines,” says Dominguez, director of quality and product safety at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC. “I especially enjoyed the opportunity to work side-by-side with customers and suppliers.”

Dominguez says the Truck & Heavy Equipment Group became less active when some of its key volunteer leadership retired or moved on to other jobs. “This Town Hall is the opportunity to see if other suppliers and OEMs see a value to making the group active again,” he says.

The Town Hall will allow OEMs and suppliers to identify their “pinch points,” as he puts it, and see what an organized AIAG work group could do to solve them. “If one of our customer’s requirements are in conflict with another’s, it puts a supplier in a bind,” says Dominquez. “Plus, each supplier has its own system to factor in, and dealing with all these different systems creates unnecessary work.”

Agenda topics for this special industry event include:

  • Overview of AIAG's current and future projects in the areas of quality, corporate responsibility, and supply chain to determine if COH needs are currently being met
  • Discussion of current issues concerning COH members
  • Submitting new project ideas
  • Complexity in multiple overlapping customer requirements
  • Growing safety system requirements
  • Determine interest in forming a COH Advisory Committee and the responsibilities that would entail

This complimentary event will conclude with a networking reception where participants can meet and discuss current issues and solutions with industry experts and your peers. 

“My thought is, let’s get back together and talk about common issues and what we need to get done,” Dominguez says. “We must identify the areas that need the attention of our supplier and member network because that’s the only way to get them solved.”

Dominguez says employers support their employees’ volunteer involvement in AIAG work groups because the work benefits all stakeholders. “If the employer has a problem and we can solve this problem by working together, it will save them time, money, resources, and stress in the long run for everyone,” he points out.

“By being involved, your voice is heard and you have input on how something should be,” he adds. “This Town Hall is our opportunity to explore and share insights on the areas that need to be addressed.”

Where: AIAG | 26200 Lahser Road | Southfield, Michigan

When: Monday, September 21, 2015

Registration: 3:00 p.m.

Program: 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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