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Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee 2020 Year in Review


For the Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee (CRSC), 2020 was a busy year. At the end of 2019, the group decided our mission, vision and objectives needed revision, as they no longer reflected the progressive direction the group wanted to project for the automotive industry. Consequently, the CRSC worked together over the course of multiple face-to-face meetings to establish an updated mission and vision for the future of ESG leadership within the automotive industry.


The auto industry is an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) leader.


Align the ESG Core Values, as stated in the Automotive Guiding Principles, and cascade throughout the automotive industry and its supply chain.


To keep the CRSC better informed of the various volunteer group activities under the Corporate Responsibility umbrella, the CRSC requested a sharing of activities and projects. This volunteer group information was essential in establishing strategies and objectives in line with the updated mission and vision.


  • Proactively identify/prioritize issues, needs and trends.
  • Engage with other peer organizations to align activities, solutions and objectives.
  • Promote and provide direction and alignment with the ESG Core Values.


Once all of the volunteer group activities were completed, the CRSC directed their co-chairs to take the established vision, mission, strategies and objectives back to the volunteer groups to show how they helped influence the new direction.

In addition to collecting information from the volunteer groups, the CRSC established a new template for quarterly communication to improve interactions between the parties. Additional discussion time is now allocated during each meeting for the CRSC to provide feedback or suggestions to the volunteer groups. This increase in communication extends to the CRSC itself through quarterly and annual reports, not only to the volunteer groups within AIAG, but to the industry as a whole, through an annual review of the steering committee activities.

We look forward to continuing the work of fulfilling our updated vision in 2021 by meeting our ongoing objectives as well as our 2021-specific objectives – namely, implementing strategies to increase the awareness of human rights issues outside of extraction of raw materials, and better defining responsible sourcing within the automotive industry supply chain.




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