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GRI Standards Soon Available in Five New Languages

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The Standards Division is hard at work on translations of the GRI Standards. Translations into Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese are currently under way, with final versions expected between May and June 2017.

Translations will ensure that GRI authoritative documents for sustainability reporting are accessible to a diverse global audience.

The English version of the G4 Guidelines remains the authoritative version of this document.

Any errors or ambiguities (with respect to the English version of the G4 Guidelines) identified in the G4 translations should be sent to Translations@globalreporting.org. 

To ensure high quality of the GRI Standards translations available in a timely manner, GRI is coordinating a process that includes:

  • A professional translation agency/ies to maintain a good standard across all translations and ensure efficiency
  • A committee of a maximum of four diverse peer reviewers per translation (on a pro bono basis) to help guarantee accuracy and usability of the translations

The translation process will take 24 weeks in total for each language.

More information about the progress, timelines, and future translation plans can be found on GRI’s translations page.  If you would like to get involved sponsoring or peer reviewing future translations (including French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic), please contact Tamara Bergkamp at bergkamp@globalreporting.org.