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Help Your Company Maximize the Value of Its Health Care Investments

Interested in learning more about how to engage your employees regarding their health or how to address the increasing spend on specialty drugs and biologics? Get involved in AIAG’s Health Care Value Task Force (HVTF) and collaborate with other benefit professionals to address these major challenges. AIAG has worked collaboratively with human resource and benefit professionals from automotive OEMs and suppliers for years, leveraging their economy of scale as purchasers of health care to influence the market place, as well as make improvements in employee engagement.

The HVTF is focused on driving transparency and improvements in cost, quality, and safety to maximize the value of health care investments. Together, members aim to improve the value of health care delivered to their respective employees, family members, and retirees with a focus on the implementation of best practices.

To learn more about how your company can become involved in AIAG’s Health Care Value Task Force, please contact Nancy Malo, AIAG program manager for health care at nmalo@aiag.org or (248) 358-9747.



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