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How are AIAG’s CR Activities Structured and Governed?

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AIAG is uniquely positioned to stay abreast of changing conditions and expectations through the range of corporate responsibility issues and laws affecting the automotive industry and its partners. At the nexus of multiple industries and companies, AIAG focuses on developing the insights, trainings, and tools that members need to act responsibly and profitably.

AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility activities are guided by a CR Steering Committee, which is comprised of senior staff volunteers from member companies representing OEMs and suppliers. The CR Steering Committee is facilitated and supported by AIAG staff. The Steering Committee, along with its Advisory and Working Groups, addresess issues in social, environmental sustainability, and governance and ethics.

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Additional CR initiatives include a Professional Series on Governance & Ethics and Future of CR, which focuses on strategy.

To learn more about AIAG’s approach to its corporate responsibility activities, visit the CR section of the AIAG website.