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Improving Your Sustainability Report: 2018 GRI Reporter's North America Summit

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Interest in sustainability reporting remains high, if the size of the crowd at GRI’s recent reporter’s summit is any indication. The Phoenix event sold out, according to GRI’s Alyson Genevose, who launched the summit last year so CR and sustainability pros in the Americas could hone their skills in the years between GRI’s global conference in Amsterdam.

“The first report is hands down the most difficult report you’ll have to do,” said Stewart Rassier of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, adding that reporters generally underestimate the legwork involved.

“A GRI report is tool for organizational change,” Rassier noted. By following the GRI reporting methodology, a company is encouraged to talk to a few more stakeholders, bench mark a bit more, collect and analyze more data and share a bit more. Each of these steps requires a little bit more buy-in from a few more co-workers. Indeed, the GRI methodology provides a detailed roadmap for producing a comprehensive sustainability report.

Communications around CR and sustainability reporting is the subject of a live ReportAlert webcast February 27. Registration is free.

John Howell is editorial director at 3BL Media.