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Key Term Tuesday: Common Terms


You may think you know the what these terms mean, but in auto quality they could mean something entirely different. Test yourself with these seemingly simple terms.


What you think it means: A particular place, maybe GPS coordinates if you’re really specific.

What it means in auto quality: A general term for the typical values of central tendency of a distribution.


What you think it means: The ability of some to repeat a word or an idea.

What it means in auto quality: The variation in measurements obtained with one measurement device when used several times by the same person while measuring the identical characteristic on the same product. This means that when using one product, and testing or measuring one item, the result should be the same every time. This ensures the reliability of the product.

Specification Limits:

What you think it means: You must be within certain standards for your product to be sold.

What it means in auto quality: Specification limits are derived from customer requirements and should link to what the customer really wants. This key term is focused on the consumer, not just production. It’s important to realize this because your end user’s happiness and safety is the number one goal.

Things Gone Wrong:

What you think it means: Things are literally going wrong right now.

What it means in auto quality: this one is actually about the same. The main difference is that it is a term, not just a phrase. The acronym for it is “TGW” and the definition is product attributes or characteristics that produce a negative reaction from customers.

To get more of these Core Tools Terms, be sure to get the Core Tools Key Terms Document.

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