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Have You Spotted Our New Quality Products?

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We've been busy! In addition to our newly launched Core Tools Support (CTS) software, we're also featuring two of our newest quality publications for purchase: the AIAG Traceability Guideline, and the CQI-20: Effective Problem Solving Guide.

Created in collaboration with professionals from OEMs, tiered suppliers and service providers, AIAG’s Traceability Guideline highlights best practices and case studies of the latest technology solutions for traceability; it also includes a traceability self-assessment as well as fire drill forms to help organizations verify the effectiveness of their current systems and identify areas for potential improvement.

Whether your organization is working to develop and implement a new traceability system or improve a current initiative, AIAG’s Traceability Guideline is a fantastic resource!

Another new release, AIAG’s revised CQI-20 publication – which combines and improves upon the CQI-20 and CQI-21 documents – speaks directly to the necessity of effective problem solving. In addition to expanding upon the importance of verification of each step, closing of the process and monitoring/measuring preventative action plans, additions to the CQI-20 document include guidance on the following: how to write an accurate problem statement, establishing root cause, and the importance of selecting and testing corrective actions prior to implementing the selected corrective actions.

If your organization needs help eliminating repeat problems and implementing sustainable improvements in your processes or products, this CQI-20 document is for you and your team. Check it out today!

Not what you’re looking for? We have plenty of publications and resources that speak to timely industry topics – not only in the Quality space, but for Corporate Responsibility and Supply Chain professionals as well! Head to the AIAG Publications Store today to browse what we’ve got in stock.