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September 29: Communicating in a Multi-Generational Work force

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Join AIAG for a virtual one-hour webinar presentation designed for people who have been in the automotive industry 10 years or less or are new to their function. Registration is open for this Go To Meetings Webinar on Tuesday, September 29th from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT.

Explore your company’sSquad Goals – Creating Positive Connections in a Multi-Generational Work Force,” with Mission Veterinary Partners’ chief culture officer, Karlene Belyea, MBA. Karlene’s presentation — free for AIAG members and just $25 for non-members — will focus on strategies for effective cross-generational communication in the workplace, including navigating different values, identifying various feedback styles, and more.

You already know Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers and are the dominant generation in our workforce. But do you know how to better work with all generations? Four generations are currently in the workplace and each has different values, causing communication challenges and conflicts. Significant problems can occur in a business when people from different generations fail to communicate effectively. This light-hearted and fun session will compare and contrast the values of the four generations, identify their differing feedback styles, and leave you with plenty of strategies for more effective cross-generational communication.

Who should attend Future Automotive Expert Events?
Anyone who is new to the automotive industry or new to their function in the industry (a good rule of thumb is 10 years or less in auto.) 

Check out our event page now for more detail, and don’t forget to sign up for these live webinars soon!