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Supplier Input Needed for Energy Benchmarking Project

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Climate change ranks among the biggest threats facing our planet. The Paris Agreement on climate change is unprecedented in its scope, will define the global economy of the 21st century, and has immediate impact on businesses around the world according to We Mean Business Coalition.

Individual OEMs and suppliers have been reducing energy and implementing renewable electricity in their manufacturing facilities, and many are very interested in benchmarking their competitors and sharing best practices. This information is not currently available with the exception of energy benchmarking for assembly plants from Energy Star®. Well-defined competitive data in the areas of quality, safety, and other areas of interest is readily available, but this is not the case for automotive manufacturing energy use and carbon emissions.

New Workgroup Proposed

Prior efforts to develop manufacturing environmental benchmarking were unsuccessful. It is believed that the project scope was too ambitious, and the collection of benchmarking data on multiple environmental media from OEMs and suppliers created too large a workload.  

Now, if sufficient input can be obtained from a supplier perspective, AIAG believes this project can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and will provide significant value to workgroup members.

The expected output of this initiative is a set of data and best practices that will be shared among all participants and developed for publication with AIAG. North American OEM manufacturing climate change benchmarking data will be contained within an Excel spreadsheet. The first phase of the deliverable will include all manufacturing facilities; the second phase will include logistics. Although the data will only be available to participating members, a whitepaper will be available to all AIAG members.  

How can I Participate?

To provide the most benefit from this work, input is needed from suppliers. Please plan to attend the initial meeting (in person at AIAG or online via WebEx) on September 6, 2017, at 8:00am EDT. To register to attend, please email Mark Mroz at mmroz@aiag.org for further details and a copy of the business case for review before the meeting.

Work will commence in October 2017 with completion date forecast for the quarter 2018.