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Get to the Heart of the Auto Industry - Supply Chain Management and Your Business

Supply chain management is the heart of the auto industry. 
The supply chain is truly the heart of the automotive industry. It's what moves products, creates business relationships, and builds products consumers purchase over and over again. Clearly, your business needs to take supply chain management into consideration - but how do you determine where your products fall in the larger picture? What is the supply chain, really, and how can your business become a trusted part of it?

What is supply chain management? 

If supply chain management seems to you like a pretty broad topic, you're right. Supply chain management encompasses all of the following, but is not limited to: SCM strategy, SCM finance, forecasting, negotiations, procurement strategy, supplier development, risk management, production operations, quality management processes and Six Sigma, trade management, logistics and transportation management. In short, anything that pertains to the flow and dissemination of products can be considered supply chain management in some capacity. The good news is that your business will most likely only have to focus on a few of these aspects at once - but how do you decide what's important? 

What role do you play in supply chain management? 

When you get right down to it, the automotive supply chain is truly a team - each business plays a role in it's success. Managing an efficient and compliant business is the best thing you can do to ensure that the supply chain runs as effectively as possible. We recognize that priorities will vary from business to business, so we've created over 100 training documents to help guide you through the aspects of supply chain management that you're less familiar with. Take some time to review the offerings and decide which of them could be applied to your line of work. Gaining a working knowledge of best practices makes your business reliable and easy to work with. 

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To positively affect change across the automotive supply chain, stakeholders need a membership association that values open, active discussion. And that's where AIAG comes in. We work alongside our members - the experts - to streamline industry practices for the sake of its sustainable, responsible growth. 
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