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Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning and Knowledge Assessment Tools Now Available in Japanese


Over the course of 2015, AIAG expanded its efforts to improve the social and environmental performance of the supply chain by making its comprehensive collection of tools and training available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, and German. Now, the knowledge assessment and e-learning are also available in Japanese — a total of eight languages.

Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning is a free online course highlighting the fundamental principles of responsible working conditions, including an overview of child labor, forced labor, freedom of association, harassment and discrimination, health and safety, wages and benefits, working hours, environmental responsibility, and business ethics

The Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge Assessment, which is also free online, includes terms and knowledge common to the automotive industry and is designed to help on-board employees who have been assigned to champion their company’s sustainability efforts.

This work is an outcome of Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability in the Supply Chain, which was released to the industry in 2014 and endorsed by 14 automakers, including General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., Toyota, Honda, Volvo, and others. The document underscored these OEMs’ commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in a sustainable manner and specifically outlined the industry’s expected high standards in business integrity and the social and environmental performance of the supply chain.

The supply chain sustainability knowledge assessments and e-learning are designed to help companies of all sizes to meet and exceed sustainability performance expectations. AIAG strongly encourages suppliers to start with the eLearning and then complete the knowledge assessments. This will provide a baseline of their understanding and show where their team members need more education and training.

With a greater emphasis now on transparency in the supply chain, it makes good business sense for companies to demonstrate their knowledge of these basic principles; it is best for the industry and its people and is what customers expect.

For more information on AIAG’s supply chain sustainability tools, visit www.aiag.org or contact AIAG customer service at (248) 358-3003.