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The 6th Annual AIAG Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing: Tailored to Meet YOUR Needs

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The 2017 Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing on June 7, 2017, is designed to offer the necessary information for new professionals and to advance the knowledge level of those experienced in conflict minerals reporting.  New professionals, and those seeking a refresher of basic content, will find value in the event’s morning agenda.  More experienced conflict minerals reporters will benefit in the afternoon agenda.  And, if you’d like a full overview – stay for the entire day!

Conflict Minerals Reporting remains a topic of discussion for those addressing corporate compliance, both nationally and internationally.  Potential changes to US legislation, new European directives and increasing customer requirements, require you to stay informed!

AIAG and our member companies have worked collaboratively over the past several years to consistently offer new and eye-opening information to assist you and your company. Together, we have developed and enhanced many of the reporting tools widely used today.  We continue in our mission to educate and inform to advance transparency in the automotive supply chain.

So, come join AIAG and the automotive supply chain as we tackle the conflict minerals issues confronting us today.

Topics Include:


  • US & Global Legislation: What are the new trends in 2017
  • Industry/Customer Expectations for the supply chain
  • IPC & CFSI: How do they benefit conflict minerals reporting?
  • What does the filing mean to you? (Filers & Non-Filers)


  • CMRT and IPC 1755 Updates
  • How to make this year’s submission better than last year
  • Emerging Extractives Issues
  • Global Policy Updates on Conflict Minerals Reporting

Watch for more details in the next issue of this newsletter.

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