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The Smartest Way to Ship Automobiles and Automotive Parts


SmartWay is an EPA voluntary partnership that helps companies improve freight transportation efficiency throughout their supply chains. More than 3,000 shippers, logistics companies, truck, rail, barge, and multimodal carriers have registered with SmartWay since 2004.


In the U.S., freight transport accounts for 16 percent of greenhouse gas emissions — making it one of the largest carbon footprint contributors — and by 2040, those emissions are on track to increase nearly 40 percent.

For automotive companies increasingly concerned with addressing their Scope 3 carbon emissions from transportation, SmartWay provides the data they need for Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements. Participation in SmartWay also gives partners a competitive edge and enhances their corporate image. SmartWay gives its partners an integrated set of EPA-tested tools that help companies measure, benchmark, and report carbon emissions.

Using SmartWay makes a difference for customers and stakeholders by demonstrating a public commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices. Automotive companies benefit by being part of an alliance that includes Canada and a global network of Green Freight programs. Partners can network with their peers to share best practices and success stories, and participate in industry forums and recognition ceremonies to showcase their achievements.

To register for SmartWay, enter your freight activity data in a free, downloadable tracking and assessment tool, and submit it to EPA. Registration is renewed annually.

Visit epa.gov/smartway to learn more.