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Time is Running Out to Participate in the 2017 Future of Corporate Responsibility Survey

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Change in the automotive industry is a given – but how do we prepare for and respond to it? The path to answering this question began with another question: Which corporate responsibility issues will the automotive industry encounter over the next decade?

In response to this inquiry, AIAG launched a survey designed to explore both current and emerging trends in corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR/S).

We want to hear from you! If you haven’t had an opportunity to participate in our survey yet, we hope you’ll take just a few minutes to do so — and here’s why:

  • Your feedback influences the work we do at AIAG. Survey results help us define responsive programs and industry solutions.
  • You will be giving to charity. For each completed survey, AIAG will make a contribution to UNICEF—an international organization benefiting global childhood education and humanitarian efforts.
  • You have a unique perspective to share. To understand what the future of corporate responsibility/sustainability looks like, we need to hear from as many diverse voices as possible—and that’s where you come in.

Join us today as we look forward to tomorrow. Click here to access the 15 minute survey. By sharing your opinions, you will support AIAG and the industry as whole as we work toward proactive solutions for the future of CR/S.

The survey seeks to obtain individual perspectives, and all data gathered is shared in aggregate. Names of individuals and/or their companies will not be shared. An advance copy of the report will be made available to those who provide their e-mail address when prompted at the conclusion of the survey.