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Top 3 Corporate Sustainability Trends All Business Leaders Should Watch in 2019

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Last year, I identified the top corporate sustainability trends of 2018. Six months later, I revisited those trends and shared company-specific examples that pointed to their growing traction.

I decided to repeat this process again for this year. But, before I share the top trends for 2019, let me first explain how they are identified.

The growing and changing field of corporate sustainability

I work with hundreds of companies each year to help them determine sustainability projects that make the most sense for their unique business and goals. Through one-on-one conversations with companies participating in EDF Climate Corps, which hit a record high for the second consecutive year, I get a close up look at how businesses across industries – from big tech companies like Google and Amazon, to food and beverage giants like McDonald’s and Danone Waters North America – plan to reduce their environmental impact.

By analyzing the data from this year’s EDF Climate Corps host applications, I’ve identified three top trends in corporate sustainability for 2019.

Read the full article at http://business.edf.org/blog/2019/04/10/top-3-corporate-sustainability-trends-all-business-leaders-should-be-watching-in-2019. This article was originally posted on EDF+Business.

Daniel Hill is a manager at EDF Climate Corps and is the co-founder of Green Impact Campaign.