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Top Global Supply Chain Sustainability Trends


Over a two week period in July 2015, Ethical Corporation conducted a survey of its global community to identify key issues and opportunities around sustainability and supply chains. “Top Supply Chain Sustainability Trends for 2015” outlines the responses from 415 CSR and supply chain professionals primarily based in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

The purpose of the survey, conducted as part of the build-up to the company’s 10th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit Europe on November 10-11, 2015, was to gauge the top trends and issues both now and looking into 2016.

Key findings include:

  1. Eliminating supply chain risks is the main driver. More than 32 percent of executives polled said they are still incentivized by eliminating supply chain risks.
  2. Industry collaboration is the biggest opportunity in 2015/2016. Just over 24 percent of respondents stated that industry collaboration is the foremost opportunity in relation to supply chains sustainability, followed by circular economy (16 percent). 
  3. Traceability and environmental concerns are the biggest issues to watch for in 2015/2016. Nearly 30 percent of the community stated that traceability and environmental improvements will be key issues in the coming years.

When breaking the responses down by region, the primary issue differs. Europe respondents cited traceability; North America cited eliminating dependency on unsustainable raw materials; and Asia Pacific cited environmental concerns.

To access the survey results, download the briefing here: Top Supply Chain Sustainability Trends for 2015

For additional information, visit www.ethicalcorp.com. For a Summit brochure, visit http://events.ethicalcorp.com/supplychain/.