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Wanted: Volunteers and Ideas

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The objective of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory (ESAG) workgroup is to facilitate a common industry approach among members of the automotive industry to incorporate Environmental Sustainability throughout the supply chain — whether through benchmarking energy, water, and waste reduction or taking a more comprehensive approach to addressing sustainability at an industry level.

AIAG’s CR workgroups work to develop the resources to support the industry’s needs, but this is where we need your help. Will you volunteer to join us in our efforts to help create the right solution for the industry? The solution could be training, a webinar, common tools, a publication, or an event.

Emerging Issues
Our current workgroups believe these are emerging issues in the industry.

Greenhouse Gas:

  1. Science-Based Targets
  2. Energy Productivity
  3. Reporting

Water Benchmarking:

  1. Water Treasure Hunts/Mass Balances
  2. Storm Water Mitigation
  3. Water Reuse

Health & Safety:

  1. Pedestrian safety
  2. Logistics
  3. Guarding & Robotics

New Workgroups
Two new workgroups will start soon, and your ideas are needed.

  • Energy Reduction: Individual OEMs and suppliers have been reducing energy and implementing renewable electricity in their manufacturing facilities. They are interested in benchmarking their competitors and sharing best practices.
  • Waste Management: The true cost of waste is not only the cost of disposing materials. It includes the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This workgroup will benchmark, develop, and share resources to address waste management throughout the supply chain.

If you are interested in joining any of these workgroups or have great ideas to share, please email cr@aiag.org.