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Water Usage Benchmark Survey Now Available


Recognizing the importance of water in the automotive industry and the growing global water challenges, AIAG worked with six OEMs to complete a comprehensive North American benchmarking survey.

The resulting white paper, Automotive Water Benchmarking, addresses water use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), identifies leading practices and areas for improvement, and offers ideas on how to extend these practices to the automotive supply chain.

The white paper is available for free download at the AIAG Store.

The survey identified 135 aspects to benchmark for North American facilities. From the benchmarks, a variety of leading practices were compiled on the topics of targets, water responsibilities, assessments, metering, water reduction efforts, alternative water sources, paint-process water, and sustainability.

The study reveals that given the water-intensive nature of the automotive industry and its supply chain, OEMs can play a vital role. Although most of the life-cycle water use from automotive manufacturing comes from the supply chain, OEMs have public water goals to reduce their global water intensity and become more efficient.

Moving forward, the white paper concludes, it is highly recommended that automakers and suppliers implement as many leading practices as possible into their facilities, look for even more ways to save water, and find ways to encourage suppliers to further reduce water consumption.

If you are interested in participating in AIAG water initiatives, please email cr@aiag.org. For more information about AIAG’s other corporate responsibility activities, visit www.aiag.org.