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Will You Share Your Knowledge at the CR Summit?


You are invited to share your knowledge about the complex corporate responsibility issues that face automotive supply chain partners with a presentation that engages the audience, enlightens us of new global challenges, and offers suggestions on how to prepare for the road ahead. 

We invite you to submit a proposal to join us as a speaker at the 2016 AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit in Novi, Michigan, on April 27 and 28. This premier corporate responsibility event will address a broad range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues in the manufacturing, operations, and purchasing sectors, and it’s your opportunity to engage thought leaders and practitioners working at the forefront of our sector on social, economic, and environmental issues at automakers and suppliers of all sizes.

This year’s agenda is designed around themes that our members tell us are important to them: supply chain transparency, environmental sustainability, chemical regulatory management, sustainability communications, and reporting. Themes for the 16 breakout sessions include:

  1.      Social Sustainability. Risks impacting our workforce and profitability
  2.      Environmental Sustainability. Preparing for the challenges ahead
  3.      Economic Sustainability. Financial benefit of sustainability initiatives
  4.      Sustainability and Innovation

We are seeking speakers who will engage the audience, enlighten us of new global challenges, and offer suggestions on how to prepare for the road ahead. The selected speakers will offer thought-provoking concepts and inspiring discussions that drive new ideas to traditional business approaches. Presentations will provide examples that compare/contrast theories, as well as case studies that identify best practices, and provide awareness, technical information, strategies, and examples of leadership in business for large and small companies. Speaker panels are encouraged..

If you have a presentation that meets these criteria, please review this form for details and submit your proposal to the AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit Planning Group cr@aiag.org on or before September 16, 2015. 

As a presenter, you will benefit from the expanded format and broader reach to all levels of the automotive supply chain. Your presentation and/or paper will be available to event attendees. In addition, your complimentary registration gives you access to our Exhibit Hall, as well as the opportunity to network with an outstanding group of global automotive experts representing automakers, suppliers, and service providers. Speakers and presenters also receive one complimentary registration. A component of your speaker commitment will be to attend the luncheon or networking reception following your presentation; this gives you an opportunity for one-on-one conversations and to network with other event attendees.

For additional information, contact AIAG Corporate Responsibility Program Development Manager Tanya Bolden at cr@aiag.org.



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