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Year in Review and What’s Ahead for AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility Team

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This year we continued to build on our foundation to be a leading industry resource and convener of topics addressing sustainability – both social and environmental—that are impacting the automotive industry.

In 2016

  • We launched two new projects addressing contractor health & safety and water benchmarking.
  • We are working to enhance the Automotive Industry Global Guidance Principles to communicate industry’s position on ethics, human rights and environmental issues.
  • We celebrated the latest revision of the automotive industry’s most widely used international standard for quality management, which was developed with an unprecedented level of industry feedback and engagement and includes language on corporate ethics for the first time in its history. IATF requires certified organizations to implement basic corporate responsibility policies including an anti-bribery policy, an employee code of conduct, and an ethics escalation (whistle-blower) policy.
  • We are working on a research project to define and better understand the scope of CR issues confronting the industry and what we can do today to mitigate risk. Stay tuned for the launch and details on how you can participate.

In 2017, we look forward to the continued growth of the AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives with the addition of new trainings, events, and other resources to support the automotive industry.  You will especially see growth in our Environmental Sustainability programs.

  • The 2017 CR Summit, with a theme of “Building Blocks of Sustainability,” will be a unique opportunity to network and build your knowledge of corporate responsibility best practices. Scheduled for May 2 – 3, 2017, the event offers four session tracks: Human Rights in the Global Supply Chain, Environmental Management, and Globalizing Sustainability. Registration is open now.
  • Other 2017 Events include
    • A Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing will offer segmented content for a basic or advanced professional.
    • The IMDS Product Chemical & Compliance Conference on October 17-18, 2017, will bring attendees up to date on the timing and impact of new regulations and allow significant time for OEM/supplier panel discussions, Q&A, and networking.
    • Governance & Ethics Professional Series speakers will address what you should know to comply with the new ethics questions in the IATF 16949 Standard.
    • A co-branded event with the Tennessee Automotive Manufacturers Association (TAMA) targeted for mid-August will extend AIAG’s outreach to southern U.S. and Canadian automotive companies.
    • In January, Dave Lalain will highlight new member benefits for 2017.

Tanya Bolden is AIAG’s director, Corporate Responsibility Products & Services.