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2023 Quality Summit Update: Check out Our In-Progress Agenda Today!

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Focusing on what’s changing, and what remains the same, for industry professionals moving forward, our October 4-5, 2023 Quality Summit will explore, "Power of the Past - Force of the Future."

Along with updates to APQP, Control Plan, and Rules 6th and a closing keynote with Ben Whiting on creating a "limitless culture" at your organization current event highlights include: 

  • "The Road to Reliability: Blazing trails to meet CASE, the new Gold Rush" – Tracy Riggan (IPC)
  • "Power of the Past, Force of the Future – Disruptive Quality" – Toni Hollis (Lear Corp) 
  • "Applying the AIAG Core Tools in the Semiconductor Industry" – Gary Capron (Micron Technology)
  • "Quality 4.0 Briefing – Past, Present, and Future Things Every QA Professional Must Understand" – John Cachat (PeProSo, LLC) 
  • "Robust Engineering and its Application to Electric Vehicles" – Dr. Jay Zhou (JHZ Strategic QA)
  • "The Digital Transformation of an Established Automotive QMS" – Brian Martensen (Plex, by Rockwell Automation), and speakers from the Thai Summit (TBD)
  • "APQP & Control Plan Update" – Scott Trantham (GM), Bryan Book (Stellantis), and Keith Peterfeso (Ford)

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