Find New Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) Publications at the AIAG Store Now!

May 26, 2023
New Finished Vehicle Logistics guidelines are here...check out details for the M-25 (Connected Vehicle Supply Chain Data Specifications) and M-26 (Battery Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Handling Guideline) below, and click the links to learn more! 
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Just added to the AIAG Store…get your copy of the new M-25 Finished Vehicle Logistics Connected Vehicle Supply Chain Data Specifications now!

May 08, 2023

Connected vehicles communicate critical information using onboard sensors and internet connectivity to share data on their location, condition, and more. This information not only helps track the vehicle in transit from plant to dealership – vehicle data can indicate tire pressure, state of battery charge, and more. This enables transit partners to proactively identify issues and prepare solutions to maintain vehicle schedules.

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