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9 Minimum Quality Requirements for a Supplier


Made it through the pre-selection phase, great, but now what? During the Selection phase customer organizations will consider the different bids submitted and perform a number of evaluations. One of these evaluations is of quality requirements. Are you able to meet all of these minimum requirements?

  • ISO 9001 compliance to the current edition (AIAG webinar free to members)

  • AIAG Core Tools (SPC, FMEA, MSA, APQP, PPAP) implemented (AIAG webinar)

  • Determination and documentation of Special Characteristics and PTCs

  • The quality function is an integral part of the source selection process

  • Supplier financial stability is reviewed before source selection

  • Accreditation is required for any commercial laboratories used

  • Supplier capacity and operating plan are verified before full production approval

  • Supplier metrics include delivery and PPM or an index that includes rejected and/or returned material

  • AIAG certification as applicable, e.g. heat treat (CQI-9)

These are minimum requirements so missing any of them will discount you as a potential supplier. Any other quality metrics or certifications you can offer would be a plus. Remember, this is about setting yourself apart from the other suppliers. Be sure to check out our complete list of webinars which are free to members.

This is just one component of the Selection phase, so to make sure you are on the right track be sure to look at the CQI-19 guidelines.


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