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AIAG Announces New Brazing Work Group – Now Open to Volunteers!

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Over the years, AIAG has developed common assessments for special processes — specifically, heat treat, coating, molding, plating, soldering, and welding — in response to OEM and supplier quality issues in these areas, which impact product performance on both interior and exterior parts.

The challenge now is to develop a brazing system assessment that will validate the effectiveness of brazing processes throughout the entire supply chain. This assessment will be based on best practices that will ensure quality, reliability, and durability of components from brazing processes. (Brazing components include climate control A/C lines, condensers and evaporators, fuel injection manifolds, oil coolers, water coolers, heat exchangers, radiators, and EGR lines and tubes.)

Providing a common assessment for the industry will result in less variation, and fewer warranty claims, leaks and recalls – providing a framework for improvement which will enable organizations to ensure design and product specification requirements are consistently met.

To launch the work group and begin the process of creating a common brazing system assessment, we’re inviting industry volunteers – specifically product design engineers, suppliers of brazing materials or components, and suppliers of furnace equipment – to join us.

Contact Karen Krutsch at for more information and to get involved!