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AIAG Announces New Reverse Process FMEA Fundamentals Course


Does your Process FMEA match your manufacturing process? Reverse PFMEA is a structured process used to ensure your PFMEA matches your process, and your process matches your PFMEA. The PFMEA is evaluated using actual process performance, as the PFMEA is compared to process metrics and is walked through the manufacturing process to validate the match. This continual improvement tool verifies your manufacturing process is performing as intended and that all identified error proofing is implemented and functioning.

For those looking to gain a better understanding of reverse PFMEA and why it’s a critical piece of the continual improvement process, we’re excited to announce the release of a new Live Virtual “Reverse Process FMEA Fundamentals” seminar that outlines the Reverse PFMEA process and how to apply this tool to your work environment.

Designed to meet the reverse PFMEA guidance given by Ford, General Motors and Stellantis – with FMEA experts from all three OEMs providing input on course content – this seminar-style training includes best practices to jump start your reverse PFMEA process and a concluding Q&A session to ensure your understanding of the topics covered.

The first session of this two-hour Live Virtual training is now scheduled for June 27, 2022, with additional sessions in August and October (and others added based on demand). Simply click here to learn more and reserve your spot today! 



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