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AIAG Offers Free Industry-Sponsored Memberships for Qualifying Automotive and Diversity Suppliers

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Did you know that AIAG offers free sponsored memberships to qualifying automotive and diversity suppliers that fall under $20 million in total annual sales?

OEM and Tier One customers know that the resources, standards, and industry best practices created at AIAG benefit everyone. The Sponsored Memberships are a way to share that knowledge with smaller organizations for free.

AIAG’s sponsored memberships provide a free membership for automotive companies whose material, component, or secondary and finishing become part of the finished vehicle. All employees gain access to industry-developed best practice publications, e-learnings, self-assessments, and trainings — all free or at a discount.

“This is a great way for smaller companies servicing the corporate responsibility space to get involved in AIAG and gain a voice at the table,” says Lecedra Welch, program manager, environmental sustainability, at AIAG. “The sponsored memberships reflect the sense of community that AIAG and its members embody and their desire to make critical information and training available to all.”

Interested in finding out more? Click any of the links below to start exploring AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility resources.

Looking for more ways to get involved?

Another benefit of AIAG membership is the opportunity to join workgroups like our Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee and Environmental Sustainability Committee. Both are currently open to new participants. Join us!

For more information, email cr@aiag.org.

Ready to join? Click here or call 248.358.9780 and speak to a member associate.



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