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AIAG Quality Steering Committee Welcomes Timken’s Andy Whitton


We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Quality Steering Committee (QSC): The Timken Company’s Andy Whitton!

As global quality manager, mobile industries and rail at Timken, Andy is responsible for quality systems and quality performance of global manufacturing sites. With more than three decades of experience in quality, engineering, operations, and more, Andy looks forward to sharing his insights and expertise with the AIAG QSC as they continue to develop and update industry standards and guidance documents.

To learn more about Andy – including the ways he keeps up on industry news, and the advice he’d offer those just starting out in automotive – be sure to check out his feedback below.

Why do you think it’s important to come together at AIAG and participate in events or volunteer for other activities? 

Whitton PicAs a Tier 1 supplier, participating in AIAG events gives us a voice in industry standard changes as well as the development of new standards and training curriculum.  

How do you keep up on what’s new and happening in the industry?

I keep up with what’s happening in the industry by subscribing to publications such as Automotive News, listening to broadcast news, and of course visiting the AIAG website. I also rely on my company’s cross functional weekly updates which include input from quality, engineering, manufacturing, customer service and our sales team. I am looking forward to adding to my sources of news and trends through my membership in the Quality Steering Committee and attending AIAG’s annual Quality Summit.

Based on your years of automotive (and related) experience, what current or emerging trends do you think are most urgent for the industry to prepare for?

Technology driven changes such as electronification and autonomous vehicles. Quality systems are also trending to accommodate virtual auditing and the increased demand for near real-time data analysis. Systemically integrated quality data will enable more efficient quality planning and problem solving throughout the supply chain.

What advice would you offer to those who are just starting out in the automotive industry?

Take every opportunity to get to know the people in your own organization as well as your customers and suppliers. Don’t be afraid to speak up, let your opinion be known and strive to make lasting relationships.  



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