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AIAG Releases CQI-26 SPC Supplement to Address Unique Needs of Short Run Production

car_production_line-blog.jpgThe SPC Short Run Supplement is a guideline developed to address short run production, which is identified by processes that do not have the production volume to readily apply the approaches identified in the SPC Reference Manual, 2nd Edition.

For long-run production volumes, the process location and spread (mean and standard deviation) is determined from the significant production run. However, for short run processes, it is necessary to find a substitute for this information to set up process control parameters until a sufficient volume of parts is produced to calculate them directly from the process.

The purpose of the SPC Short Run Supplement is to provide an approach with examples to short run SPC. Through discussion of the fundamental tools and advocacy of a back-to-basics approach, this guideline presents the subject matter in a straightforward manner to benefit a majority of applications.

This guideline is not intended to supplant the SPC Reference Manual but to supplement and simplify its contents when a short run application is called for.

AIAG has also recently published has the CQI-25 SPC Quick Start Guide. This guideline is perfect for those looking for an introduction to SPC or people who have limited experience with SPC.

The CQI-25 SPC Quick Start Guide covers about 90% of the applications in the full SPC Core Tool reference manual. AIAG created this guideline so that suppliers could quickly find the answers to their SPC-related questions. It focuses on key information from the SPC reference manual and designates levels of importance for different methodologies.

To order the new CQI-26 or the CQI-25, visit www.aiag.org or contact AIAG customer service for help at (248) 358-3003.



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