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AIAG Welcomes Two New Additions to Quality Steering Committee


The AIAG Quality Team is pleased to announce two new Quality Steering Committee (QSC) members: Rivian’s senior director of strategic quality excellence, Fred B. Johns, and Magna International’s VP of quality, Lina Bucci.

With more than 27 years of tenure working in quality-specific roles at Magna, Lina has long viewed AIAG as her “go to” for all things automotive, and believes that being part of a large and diverse organization like Magna will allow her to bring a unique and valuable supplier perspective to virtually any topic the QSC addresses.

With a similarly strong background in automotive quality, Rivian’s Fred B. Johns has also engaged with AIAG over the years – including in 2002 while working for Ford Motor Company, when he helped author the Effective Problem Solving Guide. Moving forward, Fred is eager to bring his expertise to the table once again in developing future Quality processes and tools for the industry.

Interested in hearing more about these new QSC members? We’ll be featuring an interview with both Fred and Lina in next month’s newsletter, so stay tuned!