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AIAG’s Core Tools Support™ (CTS) Software Now Available in China

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AIAG’s CTS Software is now available in-language to more than 1 billion people as AIAG releases its Chinese translation.

AIAG is proud to announce the simultaneous launch of a Chinese translation and dedicated server for Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software users in China. With the majority of IATF certified locations in China, this translation and dedicated server provide in-language CTS access to 50% of IATF certified locations worldwide.

AIAG’s CTS software manager, Brian Martensen, explains: “Translating CTS into Chinese allows AIAG to support more than 50% of the automotive supply base. Our ability to offer this translation on a dedicated server with in-language support in China provides users with the same experience and system performance as in North America.”

AIAG now offers three languages – Chinese, English and Latin Spanish – to all CTS users worldwide on all servers, allowing users in-language CTS access no matter where they work.

Users can change their presentation language in CTS by visiting their user settings page, which is available under administrative settings in the software.

Click here to learn more and sign up for CTS in China!